Update on the seven and eight-round BW S45 magazines

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Here is a letter in its entirety that I just sent to one of the four people who have been waiting for me to fulfill their order for BW S45 magazine inserts and or covers:

Good Afternoon,

   I apologize for the slow response. As soon as two people said they were having issues with the BW S45 seven-round magazine insert, I put the brakes on, pulled the sales off my website, and that left me with your order (One of four in limbo). I figured out the issue about a week later but wanted to have irrefutable proof before I did a video and offered options to the four of you. In a nutshell, the part works fine. When I thought about it, I removed the spring, set the magazine flat, turned it, and filled it. Seven pellets fit in the seven spots, and eight pellets fit in the eight-mag insert. So, I looked further:

1. I had just gotten in a new BW S45; one magazine was very stiff, and the other was much looser. I took the cover off, and one upper spring end pointed to 6oclock, and the other spring end on the second mag pointed to about 10:00oclock.

2. Neither magazine would hold seven pellets in the seven mag insert; so I removed the cover with a pellet in the 6th spot, used a pair of needle nose pliers, and turned it, and a seventh pellet fit. After that, I could put a seventh pellet in every time.

3. While this was good information, it was not nearly good enough to say “PROBLEM SOLVED.” I needed repeatable results over a large number of magazines.

4. It took a couple of weeks, but I have forty new BW S45 magazines coming from Bin. I will do a short video to explain the fix next week, followed by a ridiculously long video where I update all forty magazines (Probably an hour long).

5. Besides filling the four outstanding orders, I will figure out an over-the-top response for the four people who stuck with me.

6. After the video, the forty-loaded seven-round magazines and the magazine inserts and covers will be put up for sale.

I am seriously not the type to pass the buck and say it’s someone else’s fault. My initial response was to assume I had done something wrong and begin figuring out a way to make it right. I did make assumptions. I assumed every magazine’s outer case and spring were precisely the same, and I was wrong. Their first run of the internal springs was 1.09mm, and they now have an updated spring that is 1.18mm; further, they are (Very likely) hand-winding the springs, which will lead to spring tensions that are all over the board.

Once I have done a video where I update forty new magazines, I will be confident that I have a handle on the problem and that it is most likely a correct spring issue.

Thanks, Jim

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