MASSIVE 12 Gauge PCP Air Shotgun using AEA Zeus 72

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While I have been in the firearms industry at some level for a couple of decades, I turned a corner about two years ago. I was at an auction for the estate of Bob Hayley, and while I think I could do a paper on him at this point, for now, I will just say he was probably the foremost maker of rare ammunition in the world until his passing. At his estate I ended up with countless molds, bullet dies, all forms of equipment, and just about anything a person could need to start a bullet business, right down to a thousand-person customer list. Over the course of two auctions and many months of research, I was sure that this was the direction I wanted to head in, but I have had an FFL in the past and I certainly did not want to add the burden of getting an FFL and ITAR regulations and expense.

It has been about two years and this morning I got in my latest two custom molds, a small 9mm hollow point and a 1465gr mold for the Zeus. Just about everything I make comes from a custom mold designed specifically for air gun needs. I think it is lazy and just plain wrong to take existing bullet molds to cast air gun pellets, primarily due to too sloppy or too tight a fit (Measure a barrel then make a mold). The second reason is why shouldn’t the government attempt over-reach if the pellets are identical to the bullets a bullet manufacturer would make? Finally, it might even be fair to say they ARE the same as the bullets if the makers are casting with range lead instead of a much softer pure lead (Which can lead to a variety of air gun issues).

To get back n the point of the title, innovation will be what drives the air gun industry and inspires more people to take part in it. When I look at my 1,000.00 AEA Zeus what a see is huge untapped potential. In the future I see it as a bullpup, I see versions that could have a magazine, I could see it as a double barrel, and I can see countless types of ammo including a wide variety of shotgun-style shells. I am fortunate that one of the people making online videos has taken a liking to some of my crazier ideas and I look forward to many more videos in the future. With his permission here is the link:

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