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Topic 1: Giveaways each month & Why a newsletter?

Topic 2: What’s new?

Topic 3: The Zeus platform

  • If you are reading this, thanks for not immediately deleting it. I sent these out to my past customers, so first, let me say thanks for your past support. The newsletter is born out of necessity; after a couple of years in this field, actual pellet sales have hit a two-year low point. During the last six months, I went a little crazy with making all the new AEA parts, and I’m currently setting on 75,000 dollars in parts and pellets inventory. Since neither of these things is edible, I need to find a new approach to the market.
  • In the last year, many people and companies have entered the pellet-making market, and some are quite good. Lowering my prices across the board on Zeus pellets had little effect. So here is my new approach. To receive the monthly newsletter, a couple of you will get a hundred dollars in pellets of your choice. The second part is each month, on the last day of the month, one of my purchasing customers (During the period of that newsletter) will get my new pen gun. I will draw the three winners on the last day of each month, starting October 31st, 2023.
  • Besides the 25+ new parts this year, we have also made and/or changed a few of the AEA guns. I was sitting in my garage, bored on a Sunday afternoon a few months ago, fiddling with a broken M50, when I decided to turn it into a pistol. Who knew that over 200 people would want one (So far)? It was a similar situation when I decided to make a couple of adapters to mount the .495” M50 barrel on the Zeus. I knew it was a beast within the first couple of shots, but I had no idea it would set a PCP arrow shooting world record at 775FPE. Since then, Bin has gone a step further and is using the .457” and the .510” barrels, and recently, we even came up with a shotshell that can be used in all three barrels.
  • My newest product is the world’s first pneumatic pen gun; borrowing the air cartridge from the Defender, the barrel and firing mechanism are custom-made. In .457”, the closest comparison I can make to an existing firearm is FPE numbers similar to a .380 pistol cartridge. Since that mad scientist part of my brain never seems to turn off, we have other interesting things on the way. There will be two significant aftermarket parts for the BW S45 this year and an exciting twist on the M50 pistol. I changed my shotshells to roll-crimp tops with clear covers to quickly identify the contents, and they both got a bit heavier. Many new things are bouncing around in my brain, and more parts and pellets will probably be available in the next few months.
  • The Zeus platform remains my favorite, and regularly, I look for improvements and upgrades in the gun and the pellets I offer. I just came up with three variations on the Russian Svarog 4-petal pellet. Initially intended for the shotgun, I modified my original one and then made a couple of new custom designs, all coming in at .728” for a perfect fit. They will all be listed on the site shortly. The #4 Buckshot round gained some weight and is now 675gr, and the #8 shotshell tops out at 750gr.
  • Some of the changes I would like to make in the next six months are a lightweight short stock with an AR stock adapter, a tighter spring-loaded bolt seal (The black oval seal under the bolt), another production run of my smooth bore shotgun barrels, and a HUGE change to the air chamber that might also get used on the BW S45.

Once again, I appreciate your continued support, and if there are any topics you would like me to cover in the next bulletin, please let me know.

Thanks, Jim Powell

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