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Topic 1: Giveaway winners

Topic 2: Christmas

Topic 3: The 58 caliber platform

As I mentioned a month ago, one of my purchasing customers (During the period of that newsletter) will get my new pen gun. I will draw the three winners on the last day of each month starting October 31st, 2023 (Nov. 30th, 2023, etc). Here are those winners by first name and state. I hope that they will show up on YouTube or Facebook and talk about their wins, but unless I have their permission, I will not post their full names:

  1. Dan P. from California: A Pen gun kit
  2. Ross C. from Texas: 100.00 in pellets
  3. Michelle I. from California: 100.00 in pellets

Christmas is right around the corner, and for that, I have a couple of announcements. First, the newsletter prize for December will be something special. I haven’t decided what custom gun I will do, but it will be a one-off, and the winner will be the only person in the world with one. So, two of the newsletter subscribers will get 100.00 in pellets, and one of my December customers will get the one-off custom gun. Second, My Christmas special will be the AEA Defender with an extra 50.00 gift for 350.00. Also, keep in mind you have 6 barrel choices, 357, 457, and 410ga, in both regular length and short (You can also mix and match them). The sample pellets will correspond to your barrel choices.

I have some experience with the 58 caliber platform for the AEA, as well as some experience with some very old 58 caliber firearms.

  1. On the AEA Zeus, they did not cut a pellet relief, so you have to push the pellet into the lands of the rifling. I don’t have the reamer in that size to fix it. I have no clue why they picked a 58cal; it does not correspond to a metric size, so I think they just plucked it out of the air. There are a couple of people in the U.S. who have some design influence, and perhaps they suggested it.
  2. What is a 58cal? Well, due to no pellet relief in the barrel, I have found 575 and 578 pellets seem to work OK; you might even use a slightly larger one if the relief was cut. Historically, a 58cal ball is .550″, and 150 years ago, the military was using a bullet called the Minie-ball in 58cal, which was .574″ (So, no consistency).
  3. To make matters more interesting, no bullet-sizing equipment is available for the 58cal; this is an issue I am working on. My short-term solution is that I use three types of 58cal ammo that are all 575-578, and all have a hollow skirt. This allows for the air pressure to force the lead against the barrel and into the lands and grooves for a tighter air seal (Less air bypass equals faster projectiles).

Once again, I appreciate your continued support, and if there are any topics you would like me to cover in the next bulletin, please let me know.

Thanks, Jim Powell

Texoma Precision Pellet

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