World’s Largest Airgun Pellet!

Next week someone will probably make a bigger pellet, but for the next few days this is the largest pellet in the world for the AEA Zeus 72 caliber. Due to its design, it fits easily in the barrel and this 3 ounce chunk of lead will tear a hole through just about anything.

Click Here to see a video of this beast’s first test fire into ballistic gelatin.

Am I an AEA Dealer?

Well, the short answer is…Who Knows?

Here is the slightly longer answer. Anyone familiar with airguns probably spotted the AEA Zeus 72 caliber in my website’s artwork. This is one of the many guns I bought from AEA when I became the Texas/Oklahoma dealer a couple of months ago. So, I dove into making custom ammunition for these and began having work done on the website. Then I met one of my neighbors who lives a few miles away about a month ago and found out that he is a new AEA dealer. I have learned a lot in the last month and hope to learn a great deal about the airgun market for a long time to come. I have learned that it is a rapidly expanding market and that verbal contracts don’t mean much. I’ve learned that there are people in this industry who are making promises they cannot keep. I’ve figured out that a lot of the new products that are coming out from multiple manufacturers seem to be using the buying public as their R&D department and are using them to work out the bugs after the products have made it to market. Things like barrels that seem to loosen up on their own, FPE (Foot Pound Energy) numbers that seem very unrealistic, airguns brought to market with no apparent structure in place to supply any pellets, much less pellets that fit adequately and are designed in such a way to help them meet their FPE promises and stated purpose (Hunting, self-defense, etc.).

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