Yes, we are also in the aftermarket parts business; what do you need?

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Our sixth aftermarket part will be the CNC anodized aluminum 8-shot insert for your OEM magazines. We have another dozen parts on the drawing board and twenty or so more after that we would like to develop.

I truly hope that manufacturers will embrace the aftermarket parts industry and, with that, an old-time story… Up until the 1940’s car manufacturers had a lock on the parts industry, and parts stores could live or die based on their relationship with the manufacturer. NAPA went to Ford (I believe in the 1940s) and broke this monopoly, and it’s why you will find Napa stores in even the smallest towns across America.

I was at the Shotshow party over a decade ago when JR from LoneWolf products told Gaston Glock that he was going to do to Glock what Napa did to Ford. JR did that and more, and before he sold his company, he was selling Glock clones made entirely out of non-Glock parts.

HERE IS MY POINT: People spend a great deal for PCP airguns, and as a consumer myself, they/I don’t want to hear any of the following things:

1. Use the gun the way we intended you to.

2. We realize that the part has a high failure rate, and in six short months, we should have a replacement for you, and it will be the same part that broke the first time.

3. We think it was a user error (Where are the well-written/coherent owners manuals and support videos).

There is one thing car manufacturers get right; they build 25% extra on every wear part of a newly manufactured vehicle because they realize that things break.

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