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There are three of using working at TPP and we have all had a lifelong fascination with air guns. More recently, what got us into the business was the shift to more powerful air guns whether we are talking about the wide variety of powerful 357 caliber and larger air guns or the more obscure ones like the Umarex HDS 68. What we bring to the table are decades of firearms experience and the tried-and-true standards that are used to make antique and modern firearms ammunition.

For instance, our 72 caliber 725 grain and 835-grain pellets are something completely new. Unlike most of the ammo we have seen and tried so far, these are not made from existing 12ga molds or a tired old 100+ year-old 72cal musket mold. These are new custom molds that are meant to have a 1 to 1 fit with the AEA 72. We did this by removing the barrel, plugging it, pouring melted lead in the barrel, and creating a form. We used these measurements to order custom molds in a size that never existed before. Even new molds can have tolerances that can be too great for the ammo we want to produce; so, we also had custom sizing tools made. When we were done, we hand-pressed the bullets through the barrel to make sure we have perfect contact with the lands and grooves of the rifling. Then the fun began with lots of test firing of these new products. This is the process we go through with all the ammo we make.

Do you need custom lead pellets that do not yet exist? Tell us about it. Maybe it’s a new project or you just want better fitting or different weight ammo for air guns that already exist. There will be time, tooling, and molds required to make it happen, but with a large enough initial order, these costs will be covered. Some of the tooling lead times can be as much as eight weeks, but usually, we get it much quicker, and we can be in production the day the tooling arrives. More importantly, you are in total control of the pellets that get produced, such things as, size, weight, lead hardness, powder coating, and even copper jacketing. So, let us know if you have a project you need some help with.

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