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We are selling a New AEA M50 / HP Max 50cal air Rifle w/ custom 5″ pistol parts kit for a quick change between a rifle and pistol configuration.

The kit includes:

  1. A new full length 50cal / .495″ AEA M50 air rifle.
  2. The custom 5″ barrel, 4″ air tube, custom muzzle brake.
  3. Instructions.
  4. Sample pellets and 3 arrows.

These will be shipped Wednesday April 3rd, 2024



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  1. All pellets are made from soft lead and are intended for air gun use, if used in firearms reloading the soft lead will not perform well and will lead foul the barrel of a firearm.
  2. The parts we make are for the air guns listed and should not be used on other models before consulting us and should never be used or modified to be used on a firearm.
  3. Any rifle or pistol listed on the site is an air gun (No firearms are listed on the site). With that said we only intended to send air guns and their parts and pellets where they are legal; so, it is your responsibility to know your local laws concerning air guns before purchasing from the website.
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