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We are selling a Custom AEA Defender pen gun w/ choice of barrel & ammo.

The package includes:
1. New custom AEA Defender pen gun (choice of barrel, my firing mechanism, and an AEA Gen 2 air cartridge)
2. Burst disk samples.
3. cotter key safety samples.
4. Sample pellets or shotshells based on barrel choice.
5. Charging nipple for the air cartridge.
6. Choice of barrel 357/9mm, 410 shot shell, 45cal, 50 cal
5. Detailed use and safety instructions and ammo-making instructions for the 410 if that is the barrel you choose.

WARNING: This is every bit as dangerous as any small caliber firearm; my many videos on the Defender and on the pen gun have repeatedly shown that these can penetrate on average 6″ into ballistic gelatin with shot rounds and pass through 12″ of ballistic gelatin with 357 and 457 pellets. Misuse of this weapon could result in injury or death. This should never be used by anyone under 18 without adult supervision.

Examples of the safety will be shipped with the gun and whether you use these or some other steel 1/16″ safety pin, the gun should always have the safety installed right up to the point you want to use it, the instructions will cover this in depth.


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