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We are selling a lot of 50 TPP (Texoma Precision Pellet) custom air gun pellets 72 Caliber 1300+ gr Zeus airgun ammo.
Next week someone will probably make a bigger pellet, but for the next few days this is the largest pellet in the world for the AEA Zeus 72 caliber. Due to its design, it fits easily in the barrel and this 3 ounce chunk of lead will tear a hole through just about anything.
(50) 72 caliber 1300+ grain pellets. Unlike most of the ammo I have seen and tried so far, these are not from an existing 12ga mold or a tired old 100+ year old 72cal musket molds. These are new custom molds that are meant to have a 1 to 1 fit with the AEA 72. We did this by removing the barrel, plugging it, pouring melted lead in the barrel and creating a form. We used these measurements to order custom molds in a size that never existed before. Even new molds can have tolerances that can be too great for the ammo we want to produce; so, we also had custom sizing tools made (See last three pics). Then when we are done, we hand press the bullets through the barrel to make sure we have perfect contact with the lands and grooves of the rifling (See last pic). Then the fun begins, lots of test firing of the product. This is the process we go through with all the ammo we make. I have also pictured it powder-coated, if you want them powder coated, I will do it at no extra charge. Just keep in mind I size it a second time after powder coating and some of the powder coating may be removed (There may be a slight amount of bare lead).
AGAIN: The last pics is of the custom .7283″ sizer we had made. It is the exact diameter of the barrel and insures a perfect pellet fit every time. Also the back-stop for the ballistic gelatin was a bullet proof level 3 plate and some thick-walled computer servers. Not only did the round make it through 25″ of ballistic gelatin, it hit the level 3 plate hard enough to flatten out the bullet and put a 2″ dent in the side of the server.


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  1. All pellets are made from soft lead and are intended for air gun use, if used in firearms reloading the soft lead will not perform well and will lead foul the barrel of a firearm.
  2. The parts we make are for the air guns listed and should not be used on other models before consulting us and should never be used or modified to be used on a firearm.
  3. Any rifle or pistol listed on the site is an air gun (No firearms are listed on the site). With that said we only intended to send air guns and their parts and pellets where they are legal; so, it is your responsibility to know your local laws concerning air guns before purchasing from the website.
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