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TEXOMA PRECISION PELLET NEWSLETTER 2, NOVEMBER 2023 Topic 1: Giveaway winners Topic 2: Christmas Topic 3: The 58 caliber platform As I mentioned a month ago, one of my purchasing customers (During the period of that newsletter) will get my new pen gun. I will draw the three winners on the last day of each […]


Topic 1: Giveaways each month & Why a newsletter? Topic 2: What’s new? Topic 3: The Zeus platform Once again, I appreciate your continued support, and if there are any topics you would like me to cover in the next bulletin, please let me know. Thanks, Jim Powell Texoma Precision Pellet


Whether you are an end user or do a bit of your casting, I hope some of this information will be useful. For those who keep up with my videos, most of this has been gone over in them, but there will also be a little bit of new information. So, let’s begin: Lead Quality […]

Update on the seven and eight-round BW S45 magazines

Here is a letter in its entirety that I just sent to one of the four people who have been waiting for me to fulfill their order for BW S45 magazine inserts and or covers: Good Afternoon,    I apologize for the slow response. As soon as two people said they were having issues with […]

Yes, we are also in the aftermarket parts business; what do you need?

Our sixth aftermarket part will be the CNC anodized aluminum 8-shot insert for your OEM magazines. We have another dozen parts on the drawing board and twenty or so more after that we would like to develop. I truly hope that manufacturers will embrace the aftermarket parts industry and, with that, an old-time story… Up […]

The Ballistic Gelatin I Test With

I was recently asked about the ballistic gelatin I use and in the past, I have been asked if I use the FBI standard for ballistic gelatin. The short answer is no, the slightly longer answer is no, and mine is slightly more difficult to penetrate. The longest answer is, no, and here is why. […]

Sizing the AEA Defender 2.0 .457” barrel

Looking at the AEA Defender barrel, I see a problem I have seen before with other AEA barrels. There is an old saying, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” It is not enough to understand a 17-caliber or 22-caliber air gun and extrapolate what you can do at larger sizes. Someone in an organization […]

MASSIVE 12 Gauge PCP Air Shotgun using AEA Zeus 72

While I have been in the firearms industry at some level for a couple of decades, I turned a corner about two years ago. I was at an auction for the estate of Bob Hayley, and while I think I could do a paper on him at this point, for now, I will just say […]

Pellets are NOT Bullets

Pellets are not bullets, though they have many similarities. Most are obvious, they are lead, while most bullets are a harder lead mix. The problem is that every bullet mold ever made seems to end up being a pellet mold and while many may work fine, others do not. The three specific designs I want […]

So, Why shotgun shells?

First, let’s talk about firing shotshells through a rifled barrel. People have written books on rifling and the effects of twist rate on speed and accuracy. It is pretty interesting and given enough money and time you could probably spend a year trying out different combinations to figure out what works best for the firearms […]

Monthly Roll Call

Am I an AEA Dealer?

Well, the short answer is…Who Knows?

Here is the slightly longer answer. Anyone familiar with airguns probably spotted the AEA Zeus 72 caliber in my website’s artwork. This is one of the many guns I bought from AEA when I became the Texas/Oklahoma dealer a couple of months ago. So, I dove into making custom ammunition for these and began having work done on the website. Then I met one of my neighbors who lives a few miles away about a month ago and found out that he is a new AEA dealer. I have learned a lot in the last month and hope to learn a great deal about the airgun market for a long time to come. I have learned that it is a rapidly expanding market and that verbal contracts don’t mean much. I’ve learned that there are people in this industry who are making promises they cannot keep. I’ve figured out that a lot of the new products that are coming out from multiple manufacturers seem to be using the buying public as their R&D department and are using them to work out the bugs after the products have made it to market. Things like barrels that seem to loosen up on their own, FPE (Foot Pound Energy) numbers that seem very unrealistic, airguns brought to market with no apparent structure in place to supply any pellets, much less pellets that fit adequately and are designed in such a way to help them meet their FPE promises and stated purpose (Hunting, self-defense, etc.).

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